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Meet the people who turn your creative projects into life.
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The best duo ever

You may be
thinking: why us?

Many people think we “young people” spend way too much time on our phones, tablets, and computers. While this might be true, we know that your customers no longer depend on the “Yellow Pages™” for information about your business and what you offer. Since the digital world is our library, we know what it takes to stand out amidst all the other residents of this new world. Let us help you with your move!

So, let’s meet.

Welcome the people standing behind every creative project.


Website Designer + Content Manager

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Creative Director + Marketing

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Mackenzie Mathews
Website Designer + Content Manager

She is as selfless as she is driven. Mackenzie is the sponge that absorbs every detail, small and large, for each M Modern project. Mackenzie’s role at M Modern involves giving a client’s current website a little TLC or starting from scratch with a new, modern design. Aside from keeping Tyler busy and on task, she is the one sitting behind the computer screen researching, designing, and bringing a company’s vision to life.

Designing each website requires time and a fresh, clean, modern approach. No two websites have the same design or use any of the same content. Mackenzie gathers the information that Tyler compiles from each individual and streamlines the content needed for each client and website.

Just like no two websites are the same, no two clients are the same. Mackenzie and Tyler work together with each client, not only to build a website, but to build relationships. They get to know your brand while getting to know you, because after all, you are your brand!

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Tyler Mathews
Creative Director + Content Manager

Tyler’s enthusiasm in designing your new website is only surpassed by her obsession with excellence. She will be the first face you see from M Modern as she learns about your web design needs, prepares/presents your proposal, and walks with you through the design process.

Tyler communicates your website needs to the “left-brain” of M Modern, her sister, Mackenzie. By consulting Tyler’s “right brain” creative sense with Mackenzie’s logical thinking your website is born.

These two sisters take your business very seriously. Tyler and Mackenzie know that your company is a sum of your life’s time, finances, and devotion. Your work is the story of your life and Tyler and Mackenzie are committed to helping you tell your story in the most creative, most customer focused, most captivating, most “M Modern” way possible.

The “M Modern” web design will appeal and attract your audience, because no two businesses are the same, M Modern does not take a “copy/paste” approach. Your website will always be fresh, new, and of course, M Modern.